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Arbitrat Law

Commercial Arbitration and Litigation. Legal and Notary Services in Escazú, Costa Rica

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Our Services

Commercial Arbitration

Arbitration is a fast and most efficient method to solve disputes out of the court system.
However, the ability to successfully handle arbitration requires a highly specialized knowledge and expertisse, it should not be placed in hands of an attorney without experience.
We are arbitrators and arbitration litigators with more than 20 years of experience.


Commercial Litigation

Doing business sometimes produces conflicts. We have enough experience to know that even in disagreements business need to keep on going, we are experts in commercial litigation and our expertise plays an important role in the solution to our client’s problems.


Notarial Services

Costa Rican legal system often requires formal documentation for business and interactions with State institutions. Bad advice in Notarial matters can lead to huge frustration economic losses and waste of time. We handle all kind of notarial deeds, such as Real Estate or vehicle purchases, Mercantile Companies incorporation, Last Wills and Testaments, sworn declarations, etc.


Trademark and Intellectual Property Registration

 Leaving such rights unprotected is extremely dangerous while protecting your trademark or design  is not expensive and should be done right away, considering the possible outcome of theft or unlawful use, or the eventual discussion of the true ownership

Corporate Law

Law is an excellent preventive medicine, but generally a bad curative medicine" (José Rafael Fernández). It is often thought that the cost of legal advice is expensive, but the truth is that a preventive legal consultation can avoid years of litigation and enormous economic losses.


Administrative Law

Dealing with State institutions is complicated but with our “of counsel” lawyers, we provide an unparalleled service in legal advice in Administrative Law, litigation when the State is involved, as well as legal advice in Tax Law, Urbanistic Law, Customs Law, Municipal Law, Expropriations, Environmental Law, etc.



I only feel comfortable recommending one lawyer and one law firm

My name is Bob Donhauser, I have spent the last 23 years living in Latin America. I trusted them enough to use them on a wide range of topics from business to personal - I trusted them enough to even recommend my daughter to them!

Bob Donhouser


Boston, Massachusetts

Our Lawyers

Jose Rafael Fernandez

Founding Partner

Francisco Muñoz


Silvia Salazar

Of Counsel

Gabriel Castro

Of Counsel

Juan Carlos Castro

Of Counsel


I am being sued in arbitration what do I have to do?

Arbitration begins with the arbitration request sent to the Arbitration Centre. This document is not the lawsuit yet. You only have to reply with your proposal of an arbitrator and indicating an e-mail address to receive communications.

I need to sue a counterpart in arbitration, what do  I have to do?

You need to prepare the strategy of the case very carefully, assess the viability of your possible claims and the evidence you have or the evidence you need, then decide the final amount of the claim, and find the best possible arbitrator to propose as one of the three members of the arbitration panel. The initial document to file will be the Arbitration Request, that should be addressed to the Arbitration Center with a $170 admission fee. Later on, the complete claim should be filed, once the arbitration panel is duly conformed.

How much does an arbitration process cost?

The cost of the arbitration process is determined as a percentage of the amount of the claim. Your costs will be: half of the Arbitration Centre administration’s fees; half of the arbitration panel’s fees; half of the evidence hearings’ managing fee; your own attorney’s legal fees, plus eventual costs of interpreters and experts, if needed. The winning party is normally entitled to recover all costs, and the award will stablish so.

How long does it take to process a lawsuit in civil courts?

It depends on which court will handle the process. It could go to the First Instance Tribunals or to Civil Judges. It also depends if the case should be filed in San José’s Courts or else. You would normally expect to receive the first resolution of a civil case within a year; however the appellate process could significantly delay the final resolution up to 3 or more years, in total.

I need to buy Real Estate or a vehicle, what should I do?

ou need to retain the services of an experienced Notary Public, and for that you need to do some research. All Notaries must the authorized by the Dirección Nacional de Notariado, DNN. You can follow this link to find if any Notary is in good standing:, where it says “Filtros”, you can do the research by Bar Association number, Costa Rican ID of full name of the Notary, it will take you to a page with all information of the Notary, and under the name you will be able to read if he/she is allow to practice (red or green check or cross sign will appear with the words: “habilitado”(green) or “inhabilitado” (red).

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